What is my elevation

Elevation on iPhone

Finding your elevation is important, especially if you're trekking up a mountain. Luckily, your iPhone can help you out with this task. Here's how:

Current Elevation on iPhone

If you own an iPhone 6 or newer model, your device is equipped with a built-in barometer that can calculate your current elevation. This feature is accessible through the built-in Compass app.

iPhone Compass
  1. Open the "Compass" app on your iPhone. You may be asked to grant location access, but you can choose to skip this step if you only want to check your elevation.
  2. Look for your elevation data displayed at the bottom of the screen. It appears beneath your current location information, as shown on our screenshot.

That's it! Your iPhone will now show you your elevation, giving you valuable information about your height above sea level.

If you're seeking more detailed elevation data or additional features, you can explore third-party apps that offers more comprehensive information about your current position.

With your iPhone's built-in tools and optional apps, you can easily stay informed about your elevation, whether you're navigating mountain trails or simply curious about your surroundings.

Not working?

Compass Privacy Settings

If your iPhone's Compass app isn't functioning properly, ensure it has the correct location permissions.

Follow these steps to grant the Compass app on your iPhone the necessary permissions to check your current location and elevation:

  1. Open iPhone Settings
  2. Scroll down to find "Compass"
  3. Tap on the "Compass" app
  4. Tap on "Location"
  5. Allow Location Access "While Using the App"

For more accurate information, you can enable "Precise Location." However, this feature will function with location permission alone.

Altitude or elevation?

Before we dive into finding your elevation, let's clarify some terms. Altitude and elevation may sound similar, but they have distinct meanings:

Altitude refers to the height of an object or place above a reference point on the planet.

Elevation, on the other hand, specifically relates to how high something is above sea level or ground level.