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Algeria Elevation Map

The elevation map of Algeria is highly varied, with numerous mountain ranges and plateaus across the country. Much of the northern part of the country is dominated by the Atlas Mountains, while the south is dominated by the Sahara Desert.


The highest elevations in Algeria are found in the Atlas Mountains. The mountain range includes several peaks that exceed 2,000 meters in elevation, and the highest peak is Toubkal, which stands at 4,167 meters. The Atlas Mountains also have numerous high plateaus and valleys that offer picturesque views.


The Sahara Desert covers roughly four-fifths of Algeria's territory and has a diverse topography. Much of the desert is flat or gently undulating, but there are also several mountain ranges, such as the Hoggar Mountains, that rise up from the desert floor.

Overall, the varied topography of Algeria makes for stunning landscapes rich in natural beauty and diversity.

Highest point

The highest point in Algeria is Toubkal, which stands at 4,167 meters above sea level. It is located in the Atlas Mountains and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Algeria is Chott Melrhir, which is a dried salt lake located in the Sahara Desert. It sits at an elevation of approximately 40 meters below sea level.

Similar landscape

Algeria is similar to other countries in North Africa, such as Morocco and Tunisia, in terms of its topography.

Popular cities

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