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Brazil Elevation Map

Brazil's terrain is marked with varied geographic formations such as mountains, plateaus, plains, highlands, and coastal hills.


The Amazon basin, the world's largest rainforest, covers almost sixty percent of the country's land surface.


The Brazilian Highlands, which covers about forty percent of the country, are a series of plateaus and highlands that have an altitude of over a thousand meters above sea level.

The landscape is also marked by a web of rivers, waterfalls, and canyons that further add to the country's diverse topography.

Highest point

The highest point in Brazil is Pico da Neblina, which stands at 2,994 meters (9,823 ft) tall. It is located in the Serra do Imeri, part of the Amazon Rainforest, on the border with Venezuela.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Brazil is the Atlantic Ocean, which has an elevation of 0 meters (0 ft).

Similar landscape

Brazil's topography is similar to other South American countries such as Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela, which are also marked by the Andes Mountains, Amazon Basin, and lowlands.

Popular cities

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