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Estonia Elevation Map

The landscape in Estonia is mostly flat with a few rolling hills and low mountains. The highest point in the country is Suur Munamagi, rising 318 meters above sea level. There are several beautiful lakes and rivers that flow through the country. The terrain is covered in forests, and the country's climate ranges from maritime to continental.


The Estonian landscape has been sculpted by the Ice Age and glacial activity, which created many of the country's rivers and lakes. The landscape is dotted with geological formations like limestone cliffs and caves. The country also has extensive peat bogs, some of which have been designated as nature reserves. Estonia is also home to several islands, making it a popular destination for tourists.


Despite having relatively low elevation, Estonia's landscape is rich in natural diversity. The country's unique combination of geography and climate has given rise to an abundance of plant life, including rare species like orchids and carnivorous plants. The cultural tradition of the country is also closely intertwined with its natural environment, with many Estonians holding a deep respect for their natural surroundings.

Estonia’s landscape is one of its most defining features, with its rolling plains, lush forests, beautiful lakes, and winding rivers. It may not be a country of towering peaks, but Estonia’s beauty lies in its subtler charms that offer visitors a peaceful and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Highest point

Suur Munamagi is the highest point in Estonia, standing at an elevation of 318 meters above sea level. Located in the southeastern corner of the country, it offers hikers stunning views of the surrounding forests and rolling hills.

Lowest point

Located in the city of Parnu, near the coast of the Baltic Sea, the Nadal Trench is the lowest point in Estonia, with an elevation of -3.8 meters below sea level.

Similar landscape

Compared to other countries in the region, Estonia's topography is similar to that of its Baltic neighbors of Latvia and Lithuania, with relatively flat terrain punctuated by low hills and forests.

Popular cities

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