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Malawi Elevation Map

The elevation map of Malawi is highly varied, with a mix of rugged mountain ranges, rolling hills, and vast plateaus.


The northern part of Malawi is dominated by the magnificent Nyika Plateau, which has an average height of over 2,000 meters.


The Central region consists mostly of the Great Rift Valley and is characterized by vast highlands, such as the Dedza-Kirk mountain range.

The Southern region is known for its low-lying plains and valleys, with Mount Mulanje standing tall at the intersection of these three regions.

Highest point

Sapitwa Peak, standing at 3,002 meters, is the highest point in Malawi and is located within the Mulanje Massif.

Lowest point

The Shire River Valley, which is located in the Southern region of Malawi, is the lowest elevation point in the country at 37 meters.

Similar landscape

Malawi's terrain is similar to that of neighboring Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique, which are all also located within the East African Rift.

Popular cities

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