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New Caledonia Elevation Map

New Caledonia, located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, is an archipelago that is part of the Melanesian region. The terrain of New Caledonia is mainly hilly and mountainous with rolling plains in some areas. The vast majority of land in New Caledonia is uninhabited.


The country's elevation map demonstrates a broad range of elevations from sea level to mountains exceeding 1,600 meters. The mountain range extending along the eastern side of the Grande Terre island is the highest and has raised peaks, forming a natural barrier against moisture-laden trade winds from the east. As a result, very little rainfall is experienced on the western side of the island.

New Caledonia

The country's south includes a vast lagoon with a length of more than two hundred miles. The lagoon encompasses the majority of the significant islets of the New Caledonia archipelago. Most of the coastline is low-lying with extensive coral reefs, which attract aquatic life, including dolphins and dugongs.

New Caledonia is a fascinating and distinct island country, with a diverse landscape of forests, mountains, and tranquil lagoons. It is well known for its particular beauty and boasts several flora and fauna endemic to the region, which has helped in preserving and protecting the region's exceptional biodiversity.

Highest point

Mont Panié, situated in the northern region of the Grande Terre island, stands at an elevation of 1,628 meters above sea level and is the highest point in New Caledonia. It offers visitors breathtaking views and is often climbed by hikers.

Lowest point

Baie des Tortues on Belep Island, located in the north, is the lowest point in New Caledonia and is at sea level. Visitors can encounter many sea turtles, and it boasts beautiful sandy beaches.

Similar landscape

New Caledonia's topography is similar to other Pacific island countries such as Fiji, Vanuatu, or Papua New Guinea known for their rugged landscapes with large mountains covered in dense tropical forests. However, these countries have more extensive low-lying areas than New Caledonia, leading to a more significant population concentration along the coastlines.

Popular cities

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