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Nicaragua Elevation Map

Nicaragua is a country of diverse topography with varying elevations throughout its landscape.


There are lush forests, deep canyons, and rolling hills, all contributing to the country's overall elevation map.


The eastern regions of the country are characterized by lowlands, although there are still notable hills and mountains.

The western parts have more volcanic peaks, including some of the country's tallest formations.

Highest point

The highest point in Nicaragua is Mogoton, reaching a height of 2,107 meters (6,913 feet).

Lowest point

The lowest point in Nicaragua is the Pacific Ocean, which borders the country to the west.

Similar landscape

The topography of Nicaragua can be compared to that of its Central American neighbors. Like Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua has a wide range of elevations throughout its landscape, while El Salvador and Guatemala are more mountainous in comparison.

Popular cities

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