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Rwanda Elevation Map

Rwanda is a landlocked country and is home to a varied landscape that mainly features mountains and plateau. The latest data from the World Bank shows that the elevation in Rwanda ranges from 950m to 4507m above sea level. The country mainly features the natural divisions of the Albertine Rift Valley and the Congo-Nile Divide.


The western part of Rwanda is regarded as the most scenic part of the country, featuring the famous museum, Karongi, and stunning tea gardens. The central plateau consists of mountains and hills that gradually flatten towards the eastern boundary of the country where elevations are relatively lower. In the southeast, the Akagera National Park with its animal species has a distinct lower elevation.


Rwanda's rather exceptional geography is evident in the 6-meter contour intervals that are influenced by volcanic rock and deep soil. The terraced hills in Rwanda are entirely inconsistent with the intuitive idea of an African country and present a surreal image.

The Rwandan highlands are distinguished by high precipitation levels of approximately 1,400-1,800 mm per annum, and up to 2,500 mm per year in some areas. This high precipitation is an essential feature of Rwanda's freshwater system, as well as its significant eco-regions that extend up from the lowest point up to the highest peak of Rwanda.

Highest point

Rwanda's highest point is Mount Karisimbi, which stands at 4,507m above sea level. Located on the northern border of the country, the inactive stratovolcano is the fifth-highest peak of the Virunga Mountains that extend further into the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

Lowest point

Rusizi River is regarded as the lowest point in Rwanda, located in the southwestern part of the country. The river runs into Lake Tanganyika and marks the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Similar landscape

Rwanda is comparable to its eastern neighbor Tanzania with regards to the variation and mix of landforms. Rwanda's landscape shares similarities to that of neighboring Uganda, with Rwanda occupying the highest elevations in the region. The country boasts unique geographic features that set it apart from all other East African states.

Popular cities

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