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The Gambia Elevation Map

The Gambia is a country that primarily consists of low-lying terrain, with the majority of the land sitting at or below sea level.


Despite its flatness, the country is home to a surprising variety of landscapes, ranging from coastal beaches to lush forests and grasslands.

The Gambia

This makes The Gambia a popular destination for tourists, particularly those interested in ecotourism.

The elevation map of The Gambia tells the story of a country that is predominantly flat, yet still incredibly diverse and rich in natural beauty.

Highest point

The highest point in The Gambia is Red Rock, located in the Upper River Region, with an elevation of just 53 meters above sea level.

Lowest point

The lowest point in The Gambia is the Atlantic Ocean, with an elevation of 0 meters.

Similar landscape

Compared to countries in East Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, The Gambia is relatively flat with a maximum elevation of just 53 meters above sea level.

Popular cities

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