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Armenia Elevation Map

Armenia is a landlocked country located in the southern Caucasus region of Eurasia. The topography of Armenia is dominated by rugged terrain and high mountain ranges. The country is known for its stunning natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes.


The Armenian Highlands, which lie at the center of the country, are characterized by steep slopes and rocky terrain. The region is home to several active volcanoes, including Mount Aragats, which is the highest peak in Armenia.


The topography of Armenia is also marked by deep river valleys and expansive plateaus. The country is home to several major rivers, including the Aras, the Hrazdan, and the Vorotan, which play a crucial role in the country's economy and ecology.

Armenia's topography is further distinguished by its abundance of mineral resources, including copper, gold, and iron. These resources have played a major role in the country's economic development over the years.

Highest point

The highest point in Armenia is Mount Aragats, which stands at an elevation of 13,419 feet (4,090 meters). The mountain is a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts, and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Armenia is the Debed River Valley, which lies at an elevation of around 1,100 feet (335 meters) above sea level. The valley is known for its lush agricultural landscapes and historic monasteries.

Similar landscape

Armenia's topography is similar to other countries in the Caucasus region, such as Georgia and Azerbaijan. These countries also boast rugged terrain and high mountain ranges, as well as access to major rivers and valuable mineral resources.

Popular cities

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