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Azerbaijan Elevation Map

Azerbaijan is a country located in the south of the Caucasus Mountains, where the mountain range dominates the nature of the country. The majority of the Azerbaijani terrain is mountainous, with more than half of the land exceeding 1,000 meters above sea level.


The elevation map of Azerbaijan reveals a relatively limited relief variation for the most prominent regions, which are predominantly elevated. The coastal areas are the flattest regions of Azerbaijan, while the central highlands feature the most dramatic peaks.


The Azerbaijan highlands consist of many mountain ranges, which are predominantly oriented east to west. The Greater Caucasus range, which extends from the north-west to the north, encompass some of the highest peaks and a large section of the border with Russia. The Sisian and Talysh Mountains ornament the south-western and south-eastern boundaries of the country.

The mountains in Azerbaijan have unique formations and vegetation common with the Mediterranean and European species and ones often seen in the Himalayas like the Edelweiss flower. Especially the region on the Southern slopes of the Caucasus mountains presents a diverse combination of flora and fauna and it is recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Highest point

The highest point in Azerbaijan is Bazarduzu that stands 4,466 m (14,652 ft) tall. It is located in the Greater Caucasus range, on the border between Russia and Azerbaijan.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Azerbaijan is the Caspian Sea, which is situated at approximately -28 meters (-92 ft) below sea level. It is the world's largest inland body of water and borders five other countries.

Similar landscape

Compared to its neighboring countries in the Caucasus region, Azerbaijan has a relatively comparable elevation profile. Armenia and Georgia, both located in the south of the Caucasia, also have mountainous terrain but differ in the elevations and the landscape formations.

Popular cities

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