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Austria Elevation Map

Austria is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe with a mountainous terrain, with 62% of the country being covered by the Alps.


The highest regions are located in the western part of the country, with the eastern parts gradually becoming more low-lying and flat.


The Alpine mountain range runs through the country from west to east, forming the basis for the stunning landscape and creating a wide variety of formation and scenery.

The climate varies between regions, with some areas experiencing significant snowfall in winter, while other areas are characterized by a moderate climate with mild winters and warm summers.

Highest point

The highest point in Austria is Grossglockner, standing tall at 3,798 meters. It is located in the Hohe Tauern mountain range and is a popular destination for visitors seeking outdoor adventure and stunning views.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Austria is Neu-Minster Lake, situated at the point where Austria meets Hungary and Slovakia, at a mere 115 meters above sea level.

Similar landscape

Austria shares geographical similarities with Switzerland, both of which are nestled in the heart of Europe and are known for their stunning mountainous terrains and alpine scenery.

Popular cities

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