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Cameroon Elevation Map

Cameroon is a country with a varying landscape ranging from mountainous regions to plains and plateaus. The elevation of the land heavily impacts the type of vegetation and wildlife found in the area. The country is mainly covered by dense forests and lush greenery, making it a popular tourist attraction for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike.


The terrain of Cameroon is also dotted with numerous rivers and lakes, which accentuate the natural topography of the region. The diverse landscape reiterates Cameroon's importance in terms of biodiversity, with different species of flora and fauna successfully resided within its borders. Various conservation efforts have also been taken to safeguard these features.


The different terrains also impact the climatic conditions of the area. The mountainous regions experience cooler temperatures as compared to the hot, humid, and tropical weather prevalent in lower regions. The variation in elevation also exposes Cameroon to different types of precipitation.

The elevation map of Cameroon showcases the country's diversity in terms of terrain, climate, and biodiversity. It is a melting pot of different types of landforms and ecological systems.

Highest point

Mount Cameroon, which is also an active volcano, stands as the highest point in Cameroon. With an elevation of 4,095 meters above sea level, it is a popular climbing site and offers scenic panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Lowest point

The Logone River Estuary, located at the border between Cameroon and Chad, sits at the lowest elevation point in Cameroon. At 0 meters above sea level, it is a crucial drainage point and serves as a lifeline to surrounding towns.

Similar landscape

Cameroon's varying elevation and natural features are comparable to countries like Tanzania, Ethiopia, and DR Congo.

Popular cities

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