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Cyprus Elevation Map

Cyprus is an island nation situated in the East Mediterranean sea. The country has a diverse topography with a combination of mountains, valleys, and coastal regions.


The Troodos Mountains dominate the landscape of the country with its highest peak, Mount Olympos, standing tall at 1952 meters above sea level.


Cyprus's coastal regions have a mix of rocky and sandy beaches, with the most popular ones being situated on the southern part of the island.

The country's topography is essential for agriculture, as it offers a fertile land for cultivation of various crops like grapes, oranges, olives, and much more.

Highest point

Mount Olympos, located in the Troodos Mountains, is the highest point in Cyprus, with an elevation of 1952 meters above sea level.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Cyprus is the shoreline of the Mediterranean sea, with an elevation of 0 meters above sea level.

Similar landscape

Cyprus's elevation map is relatively similar to other Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy, having a mix of mountainous, coastal, and valley regions.

Popular cities

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