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Iran Elevation Map

Iran has a rugged terrain that spans through vast deserts, high mountains, and fertile valleys.


The topography of Iran varies significantly from region to region and is known for its unique geological features.


The Alborz mountain range dominates the north-central part of the country and stretches more than 900 kilometers.

The Zagros range runs along the western edge of Iran and consists of several parallel ridges with valleys in between.

Highest point

The highest point of Iran is Mt. Damavand, which has an elevation of 5,610 meters and is located in the Alborz mountain range.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Iran is the Caspian Sea with an elevation of -28 meters below sea level.

Similar landscape

Iran's topography shares similarities with some neighboring countries such as Turkey and Afghanistan, which also have vast mountain ranges and rugged terrain.

Popular cities

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