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Liberia Elevation Map

The elevation map of Liberia showcases the country's varied topology. From the rolling hills of Nimba County to the rugged terrain of Grand Gedeh, Liberia's landscape is characterized by a mix of lowlands, plateaus, and highlands.


Rich in biodiversity, Liberia's lush forested regions stretch across the country's interior, while the coastal plains give way to swamps and mangrove forests.


The elevation of the country ranges from just above sea level to over 1,300 meters, with some of the highest elevations located in the Nimba Mountains in the northeastern region.

Overall, Liberia's topology is both striking and diverse, presenting both beauty and challenge for those who traverse its varied terrain.

Highest point

The highest point in Liberia is the Mount Wuteve which stands at an elevation of 1,440 meters. Located in the Nimba Mountains, the mountain is home to unique flora and fauna and is a popular destination for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Liberia is the Atlantic Ocean, which forms the country's southern border and has an elevation of 0 meters.

Similar landscape

Liberia's topography shares similarities with other West African countries such as Sierra Leone and Guinea, both of which also have diverse landscapes that include lowlands, tablelands, and highlands.

Popular cities

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