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Suriname Elevation Map

Suriname is known for its wonderful landscapes and stunning natural beauty, with a wide variety of terrain all throughout the country.


From the lush tropical rainforests to the rolling hills and stunning coastline, Suriname provides a diverse topography that is breathtaking to behold.


The country is home to a number of different bodies of water, including the Suriname River, Coppename River, and Maroni River, which add another dimension to the already fascinating landscape.

The mountainous terrain in Suriname is one of the most impressive features, with towering peaks and rugged terrain that provide a challenge for even the most experienced mountaineers.

Highest point

The highest point in Suriname is the Julianatop, which stands at 1,286 meters (4,219 feet) above sea level. This stunning peak offers incredible views of the surrounding landscape and is a favorite of many hikers and climbers.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Suriname is the unnamed point where the Suriname River meets the Atlantic Ocean. This point is at sea level and is a popular spot for swimming and other water activities.

Similar landscape

Suriname is most similar to other South American countries, such as Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil, in terms of its topography and elevation.

Popular cities

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