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United Arab Emirates Elevation Map

The United Arab Emirates is known for its varied topography ranging from sandy deserts, rocky mountains to fertile plains.


The elevation map of the UAE shows the vast expanse of sand dunes in the western region, which slowly gives way to mountains and hills towards the east.

United Arab Emirates

The highest peaks in the country are found in the eastern part of the Hajar Mountains that run along the coast of Oman.

The central part of the country has a lower elevation and is mostly made up of flat and sandy desert with interspersed oases.

Highest point

The highest point in the United Arab Emirates is Jebel Jais, which stands at a height of 1,934 meters and is located in the eastern part of the Hajar Mountains.

Lowest point

The lowest point in the United Arab Emirates is the Persian Gulf, which has an elevation of 0 meters.

Similar landscape

The topography of the United Arab Emirates is similar to other countries in the Arabian Peninsula, such as Saudi Arabia and Oman, which also have vast deserts and mountain ranges.

Popular cities

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