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Uruguay Elevation Map

Uruguay is a country located in the southeastern part of South America. The terrain is mostly rolling plains and hills with low coastal ranges.


The elevation of the country ranges from sea level to the highest point of 514 meters above sea level. The country's terrain is mostly low-lying with almost no high mountains or significant depressions.


Uruguay's rugged coastline is dotted with small lagoons and saltmarshes. The central plateau is interrupted by rolling hills that lead to the Sierras de Carapé in the northeast and Cerro Batoví in the northcentral part of the country.

The country's topography is not only characterized by rolling hills, but also by its broad coastal plain, gradually rising towards the Sierras de Mahoma and the country's eastern border with Brazil.

Highest point

The highest point in Uruguay is Cerro Catedral, which stands at 514 meters above sea level. It is located in the southeast part of the country and offers excellent views of the surrounding countryside.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Uruguay is Laguna Merín, located on the border with Brazil. It is situated at 13 meters below sea level and forms part of a large wetland complex that includes several lagoons and swamps.

Similar landscape

Compared to other South American countries, Uruguay's topography is relatively flat. Neighboring countries like Brazil and Argentina have mountain ranges, while Uruguay is mostly plains and rolling hills.

Popular cities

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