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Belarus Elevation Map

Belarus, being mostly flatland, is a country with a diverse and unique topography. Despite the flat terrain, the landmass rises up and down, albeit quite gradually and subtly.


The elevation map of Belarus portrays a unique landscape with a relatively lower bordering region, with a few elevated hills to the east, gradually fading into vast expanses of low plain to the west.


The country has a landscape of gentle undulating hills and flat terrains generally measuring less than 200 meters above sea level.

A small part of western Belarus forms the flat and marshy plain of the Pripet River around sea level while the eastern regions of the country enclose the uplands of Smolensk-Moscow/Great-Russian Ridge, which rises to a modest 345 m above sea level.

Highest point

The highest point in Belarus is Mount Dzyarzhynskaya with an elevation of 346 meters above sea level. It is located in the eastern uplands of Smolensk-Moscow/Great-Russian Ridge and offers a fantastic view of the country's landscape.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Belarus lies along the drainage basin of the Neman River. It stands at 34 meters above sea level, forming part of the Polesian Lowland.

Similar landscape

Belarus, with its unique flatland, is on a par with other countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United Arab Emirates, which are mostly flat with only a few varied elevations.

Popular cities

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