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Canada Elevation Map

Canada’s vast and diverse terrain is marked by a range of elevation levels, rising and falling throughout the country.


Canada plays host to an array of awe-inspiring natural landscapes, from sweeping ranges and towering peaks to sprawling lowlands and glaciated valleys.


Famous for vast wilderness, tundra, lakes, and forests, the country covers 9.98 million square kilometres displaying some of the most striking topography in the world.

The varied terrain of Canada influences its climate and makes it one of the most environmentally diverse countries globally.

Highest point

The highest point in Canada is Mount Logan in the Yukon Territory, standing tall at 5,959 meters. It is the highest peak in Canada and the second-highest in North America.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Canada is the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean at sea level.

Similar landscape

Canada is home to some of the most spectacular natural terrain on earth and is frequently compared with Australia and Russia due to its vast open spaces and diverse landscapes.

Popular cities

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