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Croatia Elevation Map

Croatia's elevation map is characterized by its rugged coastline and mountainous terrain. The country is home to several mountain ranges, including the Dinaric Alps, which run parallel to the coast and form a natural barrier between the Mediterranean and the continental interior. The topography in this region is characterized by narrow valleys, steep slopes, and rugged peaks.


Away from the mountains, Croatia's terrain is marked by rolling hills and plateaus, some of which are covered in dense forests. The terrain is interspersed with several rivers, including the longest river in Croatia, the Sava. These rivers have carved out deep valleys and gorges, creating stunning landscapes.


On the Adriatic coast, the landscape gradually descends towards the sea, creating a diverse range of coastal environments, including sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and rugged islands. The coastline is characterized by its deep bays and coves, which provide shelter for numerous small towns and fishing villages.

Croatia's varied topography is not only visually stunning, but it has also shaped the country's history, culture, and economy. The rugged terrain has made transportation difficult and has led to the development of distinct regional identities. Conversely, the coastal regions have been shaped by the sea and have been heavily influenced by Mediterranean culture.

Highest point

The highest point in Croatia is Dinara, which stands at 1,831 meters (6,007 feet) tall. It is part of the Dinaric Alps mountain range and is located near the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lowest point

Croatia's lowest point is the Adriatic Sea, which lies at sea level along the country's coastline. The sea has played a central role in shaping Croatian culture and economy.

Similar landscape

Croatia's topography is similar to several other countries in the Mediterranean region, including Italy, Greece, and Spain. All of these countries have mountainous terrain along their coastlines and a diverse range of coastal environments.

Popular cities

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