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Dominican Republic Elevation Map

Dominican Republic is an elevated country that presents Caribbean geography and changes in elevation in many areas throughout the country.


The country presents a varied topography, with mountains towards the central part of the country and coastal plains towards the coast.

Dominican Republic

The topographic relief varies from 3,175 meters at Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the country, to 44 meters below sea level in Enriquillo Lake.

The terrain composition in the country is composed of limestone and volcanic deposits from ancient eruptions.

Highest point

Pico Duarte stands at 3,175 meters tall, and is the highest point in the Dominican Republic

Lowest point

Enriquillo Lake, located in the southwest of the country, is the lowest point in Dominican Republic, standing at 44 meters below sea level

Similar landscape

The topography of the Dominican Republic resembles that of Haiti, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Popular cities

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