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Mongolia Elevation Map

Mongolia is known for its diverse landscape and the vast stretches of open land. The elevation of Mongolia ranges from 518 meters to 4,374 meters above sea level. This elevation disparity across the country leads to various types of terrain such as mountains, plateaus, and valleys.


The country's northern part is dominated by Siberian forests, while the southern part is covered by the Gobi Desert. There are several lakes, rivers, and glaciers that adorn the Mongolian landscape. The country is also home to several active and inactive volcanic formations.


The elevation map of Mongolia is a testament to the country's geographical diversity and unique terrain features. The Mongolian Plateau, bordered by mountains to the north and west and the Gobi Desert to the south, is the country's most prominent landform. It covers more than half of Mongolia's landmass.

The country's varied topography has a profound implication on the climate of Mongolia. Specifically, the altitude sharply declines from the mountainous regions to the desert and steppe regions, resulting in a significant temperature differential between the high and lowland areas of Mongolia.

Highest point

Mongolia's highest point is the Khüiten Peak, which stands at a staggering altitude of 4,374 meters above sea level. This peak is part of the Altai Mountains range and is located in the Bayan-Ölgii Province in western Mongolia. The Khüiten Peak attracts several experienced climbers and adventurers every year.

Lowest point

Mongolia's lowest point is the Hoh Nuur depression in the northern part of the country. This area sits at an elevation of 518 meters below sea level and is also the second-lowest point in all of Asia. The Hoh Nuur depression lies near the border with Russia.

Similar landscape

Mongolia's topography bears a resemblance to several other countries with vast and varied landscapes. Countries like Australia, Kazakhstan, and Russia are known for their rugged topography, mountain ranges, and grasslands, similar to the geography of Mongolia.

Popular cities

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