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Sudan Elevation Map

Sudan's topography is largely characterized by large plains and plateaus, with an average elevation of 580 meters above sea level.


There are numerous mountain ranges located in Sudan, such as the Nuba Mountains and the Red Sea Hills, which offer a diverse landscape.


The Nile River, which runs through Sudan, is the longest river in the world and has shaped Sudan's topography over time by eroding and depositing sediment.

The desert region in the north of Sudan known as the Sahara has a generally low elevation and sparse vegetation.

Highest point

The highest point in Sudan is Mount Kinyeti, located in the Nuba Mountains with an elevation of 3,187 meters.

Lowest point

The lowest point in Sudan is the Red Sea shoreline, which has an elevation of 0 meters.

Similar landscape

Countries with similar topography to Sudan are Chad, Niger, and Mali due to their shared coverage by the Sahara desert and Sahel region.

Popular cities

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